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Frequently asked questions

Are the collars and bracelets safe for child use?

Yes! Because your child’s safety is one of your priorities, here you can see all the safety procedures our child-friendly jewelry contains:

  1. Every marble is individually tied, this way; the chance of marbles falling off is significantly lower.
  2. The collar’s lock is made for children up to 6 years old, they are called pop-up locks and in order to unlock them, a force of 6.8kg/f is needed. The bracelets and collars that are made for children over 6 years old have locking screws. These locks are made entirely out of plastic to make sure that your child is not going to have any allergic reactions.
  3. Every marble is perfectly round, reducing any risk of discomfort and irritation.

Can I order a custom product?

Of course, we will happily combine different types of stones in order to create a unique product just for you. Keep in mind however that we can only use the stones that can be found in our shop. For a personalized product, please contact us at this email address hello@eminime.com.

How to choose the perfect size
In the product’s page, we offer a size selector which includes all sizes, children and adults.


Measure the diameter of your wrist using a cord and add 1 cm for child bracelets and 2-3 cm’s for adult bracelets. Example: If the diameter of your child’s wrist is 12 cm, add up 1 cm and you will get 13 cm’s, this will be the correct bracelet size.

If you plan on giving this bracelet to someone and you want it to be a surprise, use the size selector from the product’s page. From our 10 year experience, this size selector is right 99,9% of the time.


Measure your neck’s diameter using a cord and add approximately 5 cm’s, make sure that the collar’s length will not allow your child to put it in their mouth. Example: If your child’s neck diameter is 28 cm’s, add 5 cm’s and you will get 33 cm’s, this will be the correct collar size.

If you plan on giving this collar to someone and you want it to be a surprise, use the size selector from the product’s page. From our 10 year experience, this size selector is right 99,9% of the time.

What’s The Status of My Order?
In order to see your order’s status, please check your email inbox. Make sure you check your spam folder as well.
How much time until my order arrives?
Depending on the size of your order, making your products can take 1-3 working days, using the door to door shipping service; your order should arrive anywhere between 2-5 working days. Basically, your order can take anywhere from 3 to 8 working days to arrive.

My order has not arrived yet!

Although this rarely happens, the shipping service might have delivered your product to the wrong address. Don’t Worry! If your product takes more than 8 days to deliver, please send us an email at hello@eminime.com

What are your return policies?

We offer a 30 day guarantee, please read our return policy page in order to learn more about this subject.

Can I change the size of my products?

Yes, the resizing service is free! However, you will have to cover the transport costs

Can I return my order?
Yes, we offer a 30 day guarantee (Starting with the day you received your product). After 30 days, returning your product is no longer possible.
In order to get a full repayment, the product you ordered must not have any signs of usage and it must be accompanied by the original wrapping.